Welcome to Whealth, your premier destination for top-notch coaching services, catering to both businesses and individual clients. At Whealth, we understand the unique needs and challenges that arise... in the corporate world, as well as the personal aspirations of individuals striving for success.

That's why we offer two coaching streams: Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Client (B2C) both incorporating Cardio Testing, Cardio Training, Strength and Mobility Training, and Bike Fitting.

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Client (B2C)
  • Fire Fighters
  • Clubs

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) Physical Coaching program is tailored specifically for companies and organizations seeking to enhance the well-being and productivity of their employees. We firmly believe that a healthy and motivated workforce is the foundation of a thriving business. Our certified coaches work closely with corporate teams to develop personalized fitness and wellness plans, conducting on-site sessions to improve physical fitness, mental resilience, and overall work-life balance.

Cardio and Strength and Mobility Testing

Based on the results of both Cardio and Strength and Mobility Testing, our expert coaches develop fully customized training programs. For cardiovascular health, we craft tailored cardio training regimes targeting endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and overall well-being.

Simultaneously, our Strength and Mobility Coaching is designed to address specific weaknesses and promote functional strength and flexibility. This dual approach ensures that your employees not only experience improved cardiovascular fitness but also enhanced physical capabilities, leading to greater productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Bike fitting:

For companies promoting eco-friendly transportation options or simply encouraging physical activity, our bike fitting service is a game-changer. Properly fitted bikes ensure maximum comfort and efficiency during commutes and minimize injuries, enhancing employee satisfaction and promoting a healthy work culture.

By investing in the health and happiness of your employees, your organization will reap the benefits of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a more positive work environment.

As for Whealth's Business-to-Client Physical Training, we focus on empowering individuals to unleash their full physical potential. Our comprehensive coaching services include Cardio Testing, Strength and Mobility and Bike Fitting.

Cardio and Strength and Mobility Testing

In our Cardio Testing we conduct thorough assessments to analyze cardiovascular health and performance. We then design personalized Cardio Training programs to help clients improve their endurance, stamina, and overall cardiovascular fitness.

When it comes to the Strength and Mobility Testing, our dedicated coaches work one-on-one with clients to enhance their Strength and Mobility, crafting tailored workout routines that improve functional movement, flexibility, and strength.

Bike fitting:

For cycling enthusiasts, our Bike Fitting service ensures that their cycling experience is optimized for comfort and efficiency, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing performance.


Whether you're a corporation seeking to enhance employee well-being or an individual striving for physical excellence, Whealth's expert coaches are here to guide you on your journey. Our approach is built on a foundation of empathy, understanding, and genuine care for the well-being and success of our clients. We firmly believe that physical training, combined with personalized coaching, is a powerful catalyst for growth and lasting positive change.

Leading the way in Firefighter VO2-Max Testing and Training in Flanders

At the forefront of ensuring the safety and well-being of our firefighters, we proudly stand as the premier player in firefighter VO2-max testing in the region of Flanders.
... With a dedicated team of professionals, including experienced sports doctors, we have carved out a distinct niche in providing comprehensive cardiovascular and strength assessment and training programs tailored specifically for firefighters.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our journey began with a mission to enhance the physical preparedness of firefighters, recognizing the unique demands of their profession. Backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of the physiological requirements for this challenging role, our team of experts includes not only fitness trainers but also seasoned sports doctors. This combination of knowledge ensures that every aspect of our testing and training programs is rooted in science and tailored to the exact needs of firefighters.

Pioneering VO2-Max Testing

Central to our offerings is the pioneering VO2-max testing, thé gold standard measurement of an individual's cardiovascular fitness and oxygen utilization capacity. This assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of a firefighter's aerobic endurance and overall physical fitness. By accurately measuring VO2-max, we can identify areas for improvement and design training programs that are both effective and efficient.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We go beyond the testing phase by providing meticulously designed cardio and strength training programs that are specifically designed to address the requirements of firefighting. Our programs encompass a wide range of exercises, from high-intensity interval training to functional strength exercises, all aimed at enhancing the muscular and cardiovascular endurance of firefighters. These programs are not just generic routines; they are tailored to the unique demands of firefighting scenarios, ensuring that each firefighter is equipped to handle the challenges they may face.

A Multifaceted Approach

Our commitment to excellence extends to both state-level and business firefighting teams. We recognize that the safety of our communities relies on the proficiency of firefighters across the board. As such, our services are accessible to governmental firefighting agencies as well as private businesses with their firefighting teams. This all-encompassing approach showcases our dedication to making Flanders safer by empowering firefighters with the tools they need to succeed.

In conclusion, our role as the foremost player in firefighter VO2-max testing and training in Flanders signifies our unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of firefighters. With the guidance of experienced sports doctors, we are driving innovation in physical assessment and training techniques, enabling firefighters to meet and exceed their requirements. By offering our expertise on both state and business levels, we are ensuring that firefighters across the region are equipped to handle the challenges they may encounter, making Flanders a safer place for all.

Welcome to Whealth: Elevating Sports Performance through Specialized Testing

At Whealth, we stand as pioneers in the realm of sports performance optimization, dedicated to enhancing athletes' potential across a spectrum of sports.
... With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have carved a niche for ourselves as leaders in sport-specific testing, revolutionizing the way athletes prepare, train, and excel in their chosen disciplines.

Our expertise lies in tailoring our comprehensive testing methodologies to cater to various sports, including volleyball, football, basketball, and beyond. We recognize that each sport demands a unique set of physical attributes, skills, and mental power from its athletes. Therefore, our specialized testing protocols are meticulously designed to assess and amplify the specific aspects required for peak performance in each sport.

Precision and Innovation in Sports-Specific Testing

Whealth prides itself on employing cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based approaches to delve into the intricacies of an athlete's physical capabilities and mental acuity. Our team of seasoned experts, including sports scientists, physiologists, biomechanists, and sports psychologists, collaborate harmoniously to provide a holistic assessment.

In a landscape where injuries can often be a roadblock to an athlete's success, Whealth takes a proactive stance. Our testing protocols are not merely aimed at evaluating an athlete's current proficiency, but also at identifying potential areas of vulnerability. By pinpointing these weak spots, we empower athletes and their coaches with invaluable insights to craft targeted training regimens that reduce the risk of injuries.

Fostering Mastery and Excellence

At the heart of Whealth's mission is the fervent desire to foster mastery and excellence in every athlete we serve. Our testing doesn't stop at injury prevention; it extends to honing an athlete's skillset and enhancing their physical attributes relevant to their sport. ... Whether it's the explosive power required for a slam dunk, the agility pivotal for a tackle, or the precise coordination necessary for a spike, our testing sheds light on the minutiae that can set an athlete on a trajectory towards greatness.

A Tailored Journey to Success

No two athletes are the same, and recognizing this, Whealth customizes its testing approach for each individual. We believe that true sports mastery comes from recognizing an athlete's unique strengths and challenges. Our testing protocols allow us to create personalized roadmaps that address an athlete's specific needs, ensuring that every step taken is purposeful and aligned with their aspirations.

In the dynamic arena of sports, Whealth stands as a beacon of innovation, commitment, and progress. Through sport-specific testing that combines scientific rigor with a passion for athletic excellence, we empower athletes to transcend their limitations, surpass their goals, and etch their names in the annals of sporting history.

Join us in redefining sports performance testing – where science meets aspiration, and potential transforms into reality. Welcome to Whealth, where we cultivate winners, one test at a time.